Vision without action is just a dream.
Action without vision just passes the time.
Vision with action can change the world.
Joel Barker


as a company that gathers proven professionals and experts, wants to be recognized as a reliable and credible partner in the Region in the following segments:

  • specialist training in financial analytics
  • business consultancy and project management for financial institutions with a regional reputation within the financial industry
  • macroeconomic prospects and analysis of trend within the financial industry and financial markets in the Region


Everything changes and nothing remains still.

By constantly accomplishing our main Mission...

that by improving ourselves we help our clients improve their own business, our team remains committed in accomplishing the set Vision.

Financial institutions operating in a globalized high-tech business environment that imposes ever-thinner margins are becoming increasingly aware that their successful operation in such fast-changing conditions necessarily requires more precise planning and resource management.

The gradual deregulation of financial markets and a range of business and technological innovations impelled by the intensified pursuit of profit resulted in the increased uncertainty within the financial system, which caused the regulator’s reaction, i.e. stringent regulatory requirements that the financial institutions must comply with in a short period of time, to be able to continue with their operation.

In such an environment, the business entities, that are not able to optimally use the available resources (either human or data) in order to shorten the time of reaction to various changes and to make their reports, predictions and plans more accurate, will gradually lose the competitive battle with the organizations that make decisions on the strategic and operational level faster and based on measurable reference points.

Today, in the era when the business knowledge becomes obsolete very fast and in which a fast change based on the relevant knowledge becomes a must, out team wants to provided the financial organizations with a fast and understandable approach to the latest discoveries in the financial analytics to enable them to optimize their resources, policies, processes and organizational structure in accordance with the set business goals and by complying the requirement of competent regulators.

Optom wants to help its partners in the necessary transition from the traditional business management into the business management based on knowledge, and make the transition as safe and calm as possible.